Zone 3 Now Open!


Tadaaaah! It has been a long hot Summer of trail building but we are thrilled to finally be able to bring you this special holiday gift … Zone 3. 13 x brand new trails open as of tomorrow, Saturday 8 April.

YES! These trails are OPEN!

IMPORTANT! Remember that these trails are still pretty fresh so please do not ride them in the rain – if you leave a tread indent line or your tread is caking in mud – it’s too wet! Riding in such conditions will damage these new tracks. Leave it a couple of days and they will be good to go. (The older the track is, the harder it will be, so if you’re desperate to ride in the damp – please stick to Zone 2 and use Taane to climb).

Northland Regional Council and Foundation North for funding this season of trail building – supporting growth and health for our region. We couldn’t have made this much fun without you!

Designed by Jeff Carter / Southstar Trails. Built over Summer 2016/17 by Southstar Trails – Scott Taylor, Lloyd Jenks, Charlie Makea, Gabriel Tebib, Greg Prouse & Cameron Dodd and Andrew Younger Contracting – Ryan Lovett & Martin Connell.

ZONE 3 is a whole new level of awesome – providing multiple descents, including an impressive jump line with BIG table tops. Zone 3 features grades 2, 3 & 4 – there is something in here for everyone. The view from the Sky Summit is breathtaking and well worth the climb for this alone, but it also provides the access point for many spectacular downhill tracks. The tracks all lead down to Taro Rd, so it makes it easy to meet up with your mates at the bottom of the hill, if you all take different level descents. It is super social!

You are going to love Zone Threeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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