The Waitangi Mountain Bike Park (WMBP) in the Waitangi Endowment Forest is located in one of the most beautiful places in the world, the Bay of Islands.

The Bay of Islands conjures up romantic images of Pohutukawa clad islands fringed with sandy white beaches, dolphins playing amid kayaks paddling around the bay. The Waitangi Treaty Grounds and the newly built Museum of Waitangi are the big attractions for kiwis and overseas visitors, driving three hours north of Auckland. But what if there was also a mountain bike park? For the thousands of riders that congregate in hot spots like Rotorua, Nelson and Queenstown, that would be a real reason to venture north. Thanks to the big dreamers at Focus Paihia Community Charitable Trust, an award winning community organisation, that dream has turned into reality.

With over 40km complete and a further 30km of trails to be developed in the next few years the WMBP is an exciting new facility for the region.

The WMBP provides the perfect introduction to mountain biking with lots of easy, scenic trails that you can take at your own pace. It offers 30 trails of varying difficulty with great flow and features, from introductory downhill riding, jump trails, cross country and beginner trails. The trail network, designed by Jeff Carter from Southstar Trails, has grown rapidly over the past 2 years and the trails cater to all levels of ability. There are plenty of fast, flowing berms, rollers and jumps. Grade 2 and 3 runs are so well built, they’re still fun for more advanced riders. The downhill trails milk the most out of the vertical elevation available providing a lot of fun for a small amount of climbing.

All up there are five zones to be developed so there’s plenty more trail development planned in the years to come.